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EIRA Graduates Receive Special Recognition


Congratulations to the following EIRA players for their special recognition and outstanding opportunities!


  • Patrick Madden: Winner of the Mark Loane Medal. Attending University of Queensland for the summer with the UQ Academy. 

  • Ryan James: Eagle 7s Camp attendee. Glendale Academy, playing some games for 1st team.

  • Ruben de Haas: Capped Eagles 15s player debuting in the ARC. Playing with the Cheetahs in South Africa.

  • Ben Broselle: Eagle 7s Camp attendee. Played for Tiger 7s and UCLA.

  • Quinn Perry: Starting for Santa Monica Mens Club.

  • Connor McManus : Off to the Crusaders for 6 months.

  • Bailey Wilson: Original EIRA u16 - winning LVI with Utah Cannibals

  • Junior Waqavesi: - Eagle 7s Camp attendee.

  • Mateo Gadsden: Eagle 7s Camp attendee. 

  • Eric Naposki: Eagle 7s Camp invitee

  • Mika Kruse: Eagle 7s Camp attendee and Glendale Academy.

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