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Rugby, the EIRA Way



"Character covers all aspects of rugby, and having good character helps you and your team. I was honored to play with the EIRA U16 National team in British Columbia in July. It is an experience and a team I will never forget. I met the team for the first time in the airport and we were instant friends. Spending that week with each other, I think we could all see which players could go all the way, not because they would brag about it, or because they had already done a lot in their rugby career, it was their actions on and off the field. Those players were always in bed on time, at meeting spots 5 minutes early, they were helping the coaches and our trainer, and they were always prepared and looking out for our team and themselves. It also showed on the field during practices and games. They would practice like it was a game, play a game like it was their last, and they always kept their head cool. Most importantly, their actions encouraged others to do the same. These players helped make us the team we became and helped us prove to ourselves and everyone else that we deserved to represent our country.  Good character can bring a team to its full capability. Without it, a team loses a lot of the other traits needed to succeed: commitment, dedication, integrity, teamwork, perseverance, respect, and community."


Christian Newby

Greensboro, North Carolina



"Behind all the muscle and skill, the character of a man is what makes him. A big part of rugby is how you you behave and carry yourself off the field as well as on. Being a rugby player also means having the morals and qualities of one. Having good character means given any circumstances still persevering and finding a way to succeed. Respecting others and yourself, being honest and trustworthy, being accountable for yourself and always looking to help others. Rugby has given me more than just the game I love to play, it's made me who I am. Including my coaches and everyone who has guided me in rugby, I have learned many valuable lessons that have and will keep shaping me into the man I want to be. This is what character means to me."


Chase Schor Haskin

Pembroke Pines, Florida




"Some of the traits that define a rugby player may be his size, speed, or skill.

All of which are crucial to playing our great game, but the greatest trait a rugby player can have is one that cannot be defined as easily as natural ability. That is a player's strength of Character. Character is an ambition for success and the belief that it will happen. It is the courage to take the first step without being able to see the staircase, and it is a respect for yourself and others who share in your passion on and off the pitch. These are common traits of a rugby player with strong character, but character cannot be truly defined because character is what comes from inside."


Matt Brennan

Seattle, Washington

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