Rugby, the EIRA Way



"Commitment - an engagement or obligation that restricts freedom of action. Commitment is a big part of every sport. As i grew up, from playing U12s to U18s, to this day, rugby has been the biggest commitment. For an athlete to succeed he or she needs to have their sport in their mind all day. It has to be so engraved into your mind that you sometimes even dream about it. To me, commitment means that everything I do, every choice I make, is for rugby wether it is getting up at 4 in the morning to workout or choosing not to drink soda at the restaurant. It is true that hard work gets you further than talent does but the commitment factor is the one that kicks in when you're on your way to a practice that is an hour and a half way every Sunday. To get far in rugby you need to commit to it all, all the practices, all the sacrifices and of course all your tackles. Commitment leads to action and actions leads to being one step closer to your dream."


Hirad Zamani

Palos Verdes, CA




"Commitment to me means do whatever is best for the team. It also means going above and beyond in training and off the field. Commitment builds character."


Aaron Mattews

Irvine, CA