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Rugby, the EIRA Way



The fundamental philosophy of rugby is the most amazing to me. The fact that rugby is a game where on the field, players are going to battle the opposition for 80 minutes with everything thing they have, including maybe a few cleat marks and hand jabs to ribs in the ruck, but at the end of the match, and off the field, your are expected to give your opposition the utmost respect and hospitality. The players break bread together afterwards, and talk about the match and sometimes down the road, they even play on the same teams as one another.   It is a fabulous sport that teaches a great concept that is not well known in other sports in the USA.  EIRA goes one step further, and teaches the boys that not only does rugby matter, but character, grades, & responsibility for your family and others matter just as much, if not more.  As the EIRA SoCal administrator, I have found that the players and the families involved with SoCal Rugby have demonstrated such phenomenal kindness and generosity not only to each other, but to those not so fortunate as themselves.  My Intellectually Disabled son Brian, really loves the players and staff, so much, that he is willing to travel two times a month, leaving San Diego sometimes very early to travel to Orange County, just so he can help, and be a part of the energy found with all of these amazing people, who love him just as much as he loves them.  


Leanna Long

San Diego, CA


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