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Las Vegas

EIRA u16s 

The u16's win 5 of their 6 games to claim the Cup!


Finishing 2-1 on day one in Las Vegas placed the u16's in the quarterfinals on Saturday.  After some minor refocusing the u16 team rolled through Saturday - including avenging a pool loss to a tough Cobra side and talented Atlantis in the final.

Pool Play


EIRA u16 36- 5 Utah

Cobra 22-17 EIRA u16

EIRA u16 50-5 Saints


EIRA u16 39-5 Bobcats



EIRA u16 43-0 Cobras



EIRA u16 43-5 Atlantis


The EIRA Blue team competed in the Elite boys division at the LVI as well.  Facing a very difficult pool that included DMV, British Columbia, and Atavus – the team missed out on the quarter finals after close losses to BC and DMV.  The boys bounced back defeating Play Rugby, Danville, and Atavus to claim the Bowl.

Pool A: BCYE, DMV United, EIRA Blue, Atavus

BCYE 5-19 DMV United
EIRA Blue 26-0 Atavus
BCYE 17-15 EIRA Blue
DMV United 32-0 Atavus

BCYE 12-10 Atavus

DMV United 26-112 EIRA Blue


Bowl Quarterfinal

EIRA Blue 25-12 Play Rugby

Bowl Semi-final

EIRA Blue 29-15 Danville Oaks


Bowl Final

EIRA Blue 29-24 Atavus (OT)


The EIRA Red Team won the Las Vegas Invitational Elite Boys Division on Saturday, March 4. The Red team was undefeated in pool play and beat two good teams - Cobra Rugby and DMV - in the knockout stages.  The final against Taniwha, New Zealand was tight at the start. EIRA Red eventually ran away with the match courtesy of staunch team defense and some attacking brilliance from Marcos Young.  In the end, the New Zealanders were totally undone by poor discipline with two players seeing yellow cards and EIRA taking advantage to run out to a 24-5 victory in front of a huge crowd in Sam Boyd Stadium.  

Pool D: EIRA Red, Danville Oaks, South Panthers, Washington Loggers


EIRA Red 29-0 Danville

South 15-10 Washington

EIRA Red 29-7 South

Danville 20-14 Washington

EIRA Red 33-0 Washington

Danville 20-25 South



DMV 27-5 Upright

EIRA Red 19-5 Cobra

Atlantis 41-0 South

NZ 38-14 BCYE



DMV 21-31 EIRA Red

Atlantis 12-26 NZ



EIRA Red 24-5 NZ Taniwha

Congratulations Tournament MVP Patrick Madden!

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