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Player Clinics



The purpose of EIRA’s high performance program is to develop quality players, both physically and mentally. Age-grade high performance rugby is the foundation to build future Eagles and EIRA is making a difference


The EIRA Regional Academy initiative is a deliberate and focused age-grade high performance program targeting the development of the best young players eligible to represent the USA as part of the High School All American program. EIRA Regional Academies are implemented as centers of excellence, managed by local coaches under the guidance of the EIRA leadership staff.


EIRA Values (Casa Grande Sports World wa

Each EIRA Academy is a part of a nationally aligned regional-based player development program that drives talent identification and athlete development for the USA Rugby High School All American and Junior (USA U20) All American programs, and fully compliments the USA Rugby National Academy model. The EIRA Regional Academy program is recognized by USA Rugby as the provider of services to develop USA Rugby High School All American players. 


Elite teams such as the HSAA come together with a limited timeframe and a massive challenge to get players ready to play. Traditionally, basic skills must be practiced before the coaches can move on to more advanced aspects of the game such as tactical understanding.  While players make significant improvements, they still are behind more experienced competition, EIRA Regional Academies go a long way to developing player skills without the pressure to compete and win games. Our goal is to provide the correct training and coaching expertise at the local and regional levels, providing players and coaches time to develop.

Service Offering

The Regional Eagle Impact Rugby Academy offers its registered athletes:


  • Individual technical rugby development

  • Individual tactical rugby development

  • Individual positional skills training

  • Rugby specific strength and conditioning programs and testing

  • Nutritional guidance and programs

  • Individual Performance Plan providing progress development and tactical feedback

  • Guidance and counseling regarding college and post high school opportunities



The EIRA Regional Academy model provides six hours of training a month per academy season. The core curriculum addresses important individual, sub-unit, unit, and positional skills, focusing on improving players’ technical and tactical abilities. Players are tested, evaluated, and provided an individual performance plan (IPP) highlighting their strengths and weaknesses. Player testing and evaluation will be compared to norms within the USA Rugby High School All American program and other international age-



grade measures. The work-ons are identified and players are given direction and time to show progress. This curriculum is ideally implemented during two Sunday afternoon sessions per month.


The EIRA Regional Academy training curriculum includes sessions used by the USA Rugby High School All Americans and is aligned to international best practices on technical and tactical aspects of the game. EIRA regional academies improve player skills without conflicting with leagues, teams, or All Star programs

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