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Rugby, the EIRA Way




"I love and respect the sport of rugby. It has helped shape me into who I am. Respecting the rules is really important, it keeps us all on the same page and most importantly it helps keep us safe. Respecting the refs who enforce those rules is equally as important. You also have to respect your teammates, without them your team cannot rise to the top. I've learned to respect the players on the other side of the pitch and have made lifelong friends with some of those players because of mutual respect for each other and the game. Most of all I respect my coaches because, along with my parents, these men have taught me respect for myself, for others and for the sport I'm so proud to play. EIRA Has been a great experience for me, I will continue to go back as long as they will have me. "Respect and you will be respected."


Quinn Perry

Venice, California 

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