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Executive and Administrative


Robin Reid                                  President                                               

Salty Thompson                          Director / Player Development     

Sean O'Leary                              Coach and Player Development   

Sean Duffy                                  Player Identification                       


Regional Staff


Southern California                  Northeast (NYC)         Carolinas                 Heartland

Jeff Bonnett                                   Matt Persanis                 Joe Carey                      Tim Kluempers

Scott Bracken                                Ski Bailey                       Patrick Cunningham       Chris Geisert

Cameron Frater                             Dan Guzzino                  Danny Harlow                John Watson

Jason McVeigh                              Dave Katz                      Cameron Hayes             Jim Tate

Andrew Vanus                               Lara Vivolo                     Frank McKinney             Eric Masterson

Liam Harnett                                 Keith Killeen                   Brad Richard                  Andrew Baron

Brian Hudspeth                                                                    Barry Tidd                      Justin Johnson

Kirk Swanner                                                                       JG Van Graan                 Chris Lawler

Leanna Long (Manager)                                                                                             Robert Curry (Manager)


Mid Atlantic                           Midwest                       Florida   

Robin Reid.                                     Eddie Abel                    Greg Schor

Joe Freeman                                   Michael Temple

Joe Kelly                                         Greg Wood                             

Dale Roach                                     Darrell Knowlton                     

Jean-Louis Moures                         Benny Mateialona                                                 

Coach Consultants

John Banarhall

Andy Katoa

Paule Barford

JD Divine

Jone Naqica


Strength & Conditioning Consultant  

Rachel Larson


College Consultants

Karen Fong Donoghue     

Robin Reid - President

Robin Reid is an entrepreneur who has been in the aviation industry for over 30 years. He is currently the Chairman of the Board of Aircraft Charter Solutions, a successful international aviation business. In addition to his business interests, Robin has devoted much of his time and resources to furthering the efforts of youth rugby in the United States and Aircraft Charter Solutions saw an opportunity to further build upon the vision of Robin, Salty, and Michael, to see an internationally competitive USA rugby team. To realize this vision, Eagle Impact Rugby Academy will reach out to all USA Rugby eligible youth and provide them with worldwide coaching and training opportunities available to other nations with strong international age-grade rugby programs. 

Salty Thompson - Director / Player Development
Coaching Highlights


  • Head Coach USA HSAA 7s & 15s (2010 – 2018)

  • Consultant Coach University of Arizona (2010 - present)

  • Head Coach USA u20s (2008 – 2010)

  • Head Coach USA u19s (2003-2007)

  • Head Coach ASU 7s

  • Head Coach – Southern California Griffins 15s and 7s

  • Atlantis Sevens Coach

  • USA Rugby Eagle Fitness Coach (1996-1997)

A native of Northern Ireland, Salty began his rugby career at Regent House and was an Ulster U19 and U23 player. He completed an undergraduate degree in sports science at Loughborough University, England. Salty played rugby at Loughborough under coach Jim Greenwood and ran 400 meters in a team led by Sebastian Coe. After graduation Salty played for Nottingham in the English Premier League.


While studying for his Master’s at Arizona State, Salty began his United States rugby career as a player/coach. Salty returned to England where he taught and coached at Ratcliffe College. He continued to play rugby in the English Premier League and represented Northern Ireland at 400 meters.


Returning to the United States in 1986, Salty has coached Tempe RFC, Arizona State, Atlantis 7s, and the Southern California representative 15s and 7s programs. He has been involved with USA Rugby since 1996, was a coach educator in the USA Rugby coach education program from its inception, and a former IRB certified coach educator.

Brendan Keane
Sean O'Leary - Coach & Player Development
Sean O'Leary.jpg

Career Highlights

  • EIRA Coach & Player Development 

  • Consultant Coach: Regis Jesuit HS 

  • General Manager/Head Coach: Denver PRO Rugby (2015-2017)

  • Director of Rugby/Head Coach: University of Notre Dame (2007-2015)

  • Former USA Age Grade Coach & Manager

Chris Line
John Banarhall
John Banarhall - Coach Consultant

Career Highlights

  • EIRA-NE Director

  • Level 300 Coaching certification

  • Head Coach: Amoskeag U-19

  • Assistant Coach: USMA West Point Rugby

  • Has been involved with USA Rugby U-19/HSAA’s since 2004 in multiple roles locally and abroad.

  • Professional Career: 737 Captain Southwest Airlines

  • US-Army Ranger

Sean Duffy - Player Identification
Career Highlights


  • Head Coach- University of Arizona (2014-Present)

  • Scout- High School All Americans (2012-2017)

  • Manager- 2014 High School All Americans Tour of Argentina

  • Assistant Coach- Saint Joseph's University (2010-2014)

  • Commissioner- Keystone Rugby Conference (2011-2013)

  • Rugby Development Officer- USA Rugby (2010-2012)

  • Assistant Coach- Saint Joseph's Prepatory School (2010-2014)


As a scout and talent evaluator, Sean joins EIRA to help oversee player identification.


He has had an interesting pathway in rugby since his playing career was shortened by injuries. Sean has held numerous positions in rugby including coaching, marketing, grassroots development, television, talent evaluation and recruitment. 


Sean served as manager for the 2014 HSAA tour of Argentina and is the Head Rugby Coach for the University of Arizona Wildcats.

Rachel Larson PhDc, CSCS - Strength & Conditioning Consultant
Rachel Larson.jpeg

Rachel Larson received her Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and her Master’s degree in Human Movement and Sports Conditioning. She is currently completing her PhD in Health, Wellness and Human Performance. Rachel is an Instructor in the Exercise and Wellness program at Arizona State University, where she teaches human performance courses.  


Rachel has been involved in the field of strength and conditioning for over 13 years and currently serves as the Rocky Mountain Regional Coordinator for the National Strength and Conditioning Association.  She has been a fitness correspondent for News Channel 3 in Phoenix, Arizona and has made multiple appearances on their network. Throughout her career she has trained a myriad of athletes ranging from the high school to professional level. Recently, she has focused her work as the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for CGCC Fire Academy while also working with Grand Canyon University Rugby and Tempe Rugby Clubs.

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