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Rugby, the EIRA Way



"Rugby has taught me many values. The biggest value I have learned is teamwork, to play rugby efficiently you must be able to trust your teammates and be able to work with them. You have to be willing to go onto the pitch and go to war for them, while also trusting that they'll do the same for you. Everyone has to put themselves on the front line for each other and then, only then will you be successful. As a wise man once said "WE NOT ME". I can't wait to further my experience in rugby and learn more values and create more lifelong friendships."


Gabriel Mahuinga

Herriman, Utah




"Teamwork, put simply, is cooperation and organized effort towards a common goal. It is a key factor in accomplishing anything as a squad. This togetherness is what makes a group of talented individuals into a high performing team."


Steven Branham

Fallbrook, California

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