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Ruggers Edge


EIRA is committed to developing the complete rugby player. For some, such as Titi Lamositele it may be finding them a place in a professional setting overseas.


To further assist our pre-college players EIRA has partnered with Rugby College Admissions Advisor, Karen Fong Donoghue, owner and founder of The Rugger’s Edge.


The Rugger’s Edge is the only resource providing college counseling services specifically for rugby players. Karen works with EIRA to provide our players with admissions help targeted to the rugby athlete. The goal is to make the college rugby search and recruitment process as enjoyable and stress free as possible and increase the likelihood that the student will attend a school where they will thrive. Learn more.


Karen Fong Donoghue 


Karen is a great fit in the EIRA family, sharing the philosophy of “Student First, Athlete Second.” Her higher education expertise helps rugby families factor in both the student’s academic and athletic goals in choosing the best college.


Karen helps aspiring collegiate rugby players gain admission and receive scholarship money for their rugby talent.  She has been active in the rugby community for over 15 years and knows firsthand what it takes to be successful at the highest levels of the game. Her rugby accolades include competing at the Division 1 level, selected as a Collegiate All-American and National U-23 player, and currently serving as a top national referee. Over the years, she has built strong relationships with the vast majority of college rugby coaches in the nation and has a passion for connecting these coaches with high school players. Read Karen’s full bio here.


Ruggers Edge has a free downloadable PDF providing a run down of the critical steps necessary to be a desired college rugby player. Get yours here.

Exclusive to EIRA Players

Ruggers Edge is offering registered EIRA players an exclusive new client special - $100 off any session or program. Email Karen to receive your discount.

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