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Work Ethic

Work Ethic


"I believe work ethic in rugby has to be displayed in five key areas:


Integrity – building the absolute trust of your coaches and teammates in everything you do both on and off the field.


Responsibility – being honest with yourself about how much work you put in when no one is watching, always training and playing to your fullest potential.


Quality – holding yourself to the highest standard, never doing just enough, always going above and beyond, being honest with yourself about areas where you are deficient and working hard to improve them.


Discipline – always doing your part, staying focused on goals, playing and training both hard and intelligently, knowing your ill-discipline on the field can lose a game and sacrifice the work ethic of the rest of the team.


Teamwork - always respecting your teammates, helping them where you can, working collectively to keep improving the team's overall work ethic."


Sim Mander

London, England

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