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The Eagle Impact Rugby Academy approach to player and coach development is based on the Six Pillars of High Performance model. Each component is critical to developing a professional rugby mindset. This mindset will promote a healthy rugby and life balance while developing life skills that transcend rugby.

*EIRA Prospects

In following our mission to identify and develop the next generation of rugby players in America, EIRA is accepting nominations of athletes who wish to improve their skill, ability and mental approach to rugby. If you are interested or know someone who is interested, please share this link.


EIRA Player ID Clinic
Santiago HS, Corona, CA

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When: Sunday, April 2
Time: 11 AM - 1 PM
Who: Co-ed 2004-2009 
Cost: $25

EIRA Tours & Events
(By Invitation Only)*

  • June 8-10 Boys & Girls National u16 7s Championships, Cleveland, Ohio
  • April 15-23:  Boys 2008-2009 Tour to Spain
  • April 7-8: Boys Tropical 7s u18 elite
  • June 24-July 3:  Boys u18 tour to Spain. Playing Spain National u18s
  • July 18-29: Boys 2006-2007 and Girls u16s & u18s Ireland Tour. Playing Munster, Connacht, Ulster, and Leinster
  • July 21-22:  Boys elite u18s NAI 7s

Interested in hosting a Player ID Clinic? Contact

EIRA’s vision is to close the gap in the global game of rugby. Our mission is to identify and develop the next generation of players in America. Clinics provide the necessary skill development for players. Continuity with this development is provided through winter camp and summer tours. EIRA believes ongoing skill development combined with international tours not only provides the individual player personal experience of the fast-paced skilled game of tier one nations, but also enhances the development of their home club with this new-found knowledge. 

Together We Make A Difference!

Please consider making a donation


Developing Coaches & Players

in support of our vision to close the gap. 

Together We Make A Difference!

EIRA’s purpose is to recognize and develop elite players, not to make a profit. Contributions help minimize player costs and enable us to offer scholarships to players with need. 

Nearly 2,500 players from 40 states and DC participated in EIRA events in 2019. Over four hundred of these players were given the opportunity to tour the United States, Argentina, Canada & Ireland playing rugby at an elite level. Challenging players with competition against Tier 1 nations builds character and skill while immersing them in a tour culture that focuses on integrity. 98.9% of EIRA players continue to play after high school with 95% playing in college.


Please consider making a donation or becoming a sponsor and support our vision of closing the gap in the global game of rugby.

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