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The Eagle Impact Rugby Academy approach to player and coach development is based on the Six Pillars of High Performance model. Each component is critical to developing a professional rugby mindset. This mindset will promote a healthy rugby and life balance while developing life skills that transcend rugby.


EIRA is passionate about nurturing character and potential. We teach our players and coaches to embrace learning in a culture that cares and empowers creativity, curiosity, and love for the game. Our game-based approach coupled with an emphasis on core skills is tailored to develop intelligent decision-makers.


Our EIRA player-centered approach is based on sound teaching principles and tailored to improve coach and player knowledge, understanding, problem-solving and performance. Our goal is to ensure that EIRA trained coaches add value to players total development.



EIRA's Development program provides opportunities at the local, regional, national, and international levels. We offer skills training, Player Identification Clinics, Regional All Star Teams, an annual Winter Camp, National Invitational Tournament, and International Tours.


EIRA Prospects

In following our mission to identify and develop the next generation of rugby players in America, EIRA is accepting nominations of athletes who wish to improve their skill, ability and mental approach to rugby. If you are interested or know someone who is interested, please share this link.

Academies and Clinics provide the necessary skill development.  Continuity with this development is

provided through winter camps and summer tours.  EIRA believes ongoing skill development combined with international tours not only provides the individual player personal experience of the fast-paced skilled game of other nations, but also enhances the development of their home club with this new-found knowledge. 

FALL 2022

EIRA Academies 


Dates:      Sept 11 & 18, Oct 2 & 16
Time:       12 noon - 3 PM
Who:        Boys & Girls born 2004-2009
Where:    Infinity Park, Glendale
Cost:        $120 for 4 sessions, $40 individual     


Dates:      Nov 6, 13 & 20, Dec 11
Time:       9:30 AM - 12:30 PM
Who:        Boys & Girls born 2004-2009
Where:    Swope Park, Kansas City
Cost:        $120 for 4 sessions    


Dates:      Oct 16 & 30, Nov 6 & 20, Dec 4
Time:       11 AM - 2 PM
Who:        Boys & Girls born 2004-2009
Where:    Parsons Field, Costa Mesa
Cost:        $160 for 5 sessions    


Dates:      Nov 13 & 20
Time:       10 AM - 1 PM
Who:        Boys & Girls born 2004-2009
Where:    Charlotte Rugby Club
Cost:        $60 for 2 sessions    

EIRA Player ID Clinics


Date:       Monday, October 10
Time:       10 AM - 12 noon
Who:        Boys & Girls born 2004-2009
Where:    Kiwanis Park South Fields
Cost:        $20   


Date:       Saturday, October 15
Time:       11:30 AM - 2:30 PM
Who:        Girls born 2004-2009
Where:    Emerald Glen Park, Dublin
Cost:        $30   

Date:       Saturday, December 10
Time:       1-4 PM
Who:        Boys born 2004-2010
Where:    Diablo Vista Park, Danville
Cost:        $30   


Date:       Saturday, November 5
Time:       8 AM - 5 PM
Who:        Girls born 2004-2009
Where:    RecPlex, Des Moones, IA
Cost:        $60   


Date:       Saturday, November 13
Time:       10 AM - 1 PM
Who:        Boys & Girls born 2004-2009
Where:    Newton, CT
Cost:        $30   

Coming Soon

Cleveland                Houston                      Michigan
Hawaii                      Indiana                        Ohio

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